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"Efficient, Energetic and highly Effective...

I cannot recommend West London Osteopaths enough. David Tatton is a master of his art, gentle yet incredibly effective. Having sorted me out over the years, I was recently sent upstairs to Polly Pilates. Somewhat sceptical, having tried Pilates with no real success in the past, I have been amazed at the change in my body. From the flattening of my protruding ribcage and scoliosis to the muscle definition that I never believed I would ever see on my body again – Genius!"   Claudai Crow

"I discovered David seven years ago when my back first 'went' and he helped me to recover with gentle but effective treatment. Since then, despite a few setbacks, he has kept me mobile and given me help and advice to manage that process. I wholeheartedly recommend his practice."   Judith Austin

"After suffering a return of a slipped-disc problem, I was encouraged to try osteopathy. In a couple of weeks, Claire and David had me functioning again. I followed their advice on Pilates, and I really appreciate the quality of the Pilates classes offered by the practice, particularly their small size, which enables a significant degree of personal advice."   Roger Paice

"I have been going to West London Osteopaths for almost 20 years, during which time I have benefited from first-rate treatment and this year I started attending the Pilates classes. The teaching and personal attention is absolutely excellent, and I feel stronger and fitter than I have done for years. And if, for whatever reason, I seize up, life gets too much, or I simply fancy a treat, I will book a deep-tissue massage with John. All this expertise, skill and experience under one roof, and all given with a smile (especially from the lovely Ann!) – wonderful. I can’t recommend them highly enough."   Julia St.John


My pilates lesson with Polly Benge at West London Osteopaths
Emma Parlons, WestLondonLiving

"As I am either bent over a laptop or running around a track I felt I would benefit from Pilates by improving my posture, core muscles and flexibility. My teacher Polly and I began by discussing how too much cardio exercise as stand-alone regular exercise could have a negative effect on my lower back and general core strength. She was keen to explain to me just how crucial muscle control and flexibility are for my posture. Shoulders raised and back arched, I could see in the frighteningly large wall mirror how my rushed stretches after each run are making me cripplingly stiff, and ever-so-slightly crooked.

Hopping from the Reformer to the Cadillac, while supported by the Ladderbarrel, Polly had me breathing and controlling for a full 50 minutes. I was surprised how much concentration it took, in comparison with the running where I desperately try not to acknowledge my aching limbs!

Always interested in finding lacking inches, I certainly felt taller as I left the studio. My body felt more aligned and my mind more relaxed. To make this a regular part of my weekly exercise, I would need to acknowledge that this is less of a work-out, but more a complementary activity to run alongside the sweatier sports. Otherwise, I might not be able to wear heels forever!"


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