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About Pilates

West London Osteopaths have been running Pilates mat-work classes since 2008. Owing to their popularity and demand we have now expanded our provision and offer equipment classes in a bright and spacious studio using the Reformer, Cadillac, Ladderbarrel and Wunda chair.


Pilates is an exercise method that helps to restore the body’s natural balance. The aim of Pilates is to fuse strength and flexibility through a series of controlled and specific movements. Pilates is a very useful technique for gaining control of the muscles that support the joints, for example the muscles of the lower back, shoulder or knee. It is an intelligent way of exercising and is one that promotes better posture, grace and fluid movement by training both the mind and body.


For many years David Tatton has recommended The Pilates Method to patients to strengthen core muscles and improve flexibility. We frequently suggest to patients that specific exercise is the best way to aid recovery and maintain those improvements that have been gained from treatment. Often patients tell us that they find it difficult to set aside the time, gain the necessary motivation or to find a safe environment in which to start an exercise regime. By offering Pilates within the practice we are able to provide the ideal situation in which patients can start this process. The easy communication between osteopathic practitioner and Pilates teacher also helps us to tailor the class to the individual needs of each patient.

Performance and Re-shaping

Pilates is not just for the injured! Our teachers have enjoyed professional careers as dancers and athletes and are experienced in challenging their clients to reach their highest level of strength and control. Pilates is a very useful complementary exercise that can work alongside all areas of sports and hobbies.

Our team of experienced  and skilled Pilates teachers offer MAT-WORK and EQUIPMENT classes.

Mat-work Private or 3-1
Equipment Private or 2-1

More information from the Pilates Foundation.

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